The Edge Of The Knife


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Original Title: Edge Of The Knife

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Mystery




































A man asks Peter Gunn to find his daughter who recently got out of prison after serving a stretch for four years for involvement in a robbery. Complicating Gunn's investigation is the fact that other people are also interested in the daughter's whereabouts, including her accomplice who she never identified after being caught.
Average Gunn entry, which means lots of character color, noirish atmosphere, and not one but two bruising fights. Stevens really earned his money here. Plot-wise he's hired to track down a missing daughter for her grieving dad. Actor Sokoloff really turns on the emotional spigot as the dad. And catch old bag Hope Summers as the reformed pick-pocket who isn't really so reformed—Pete's wallet is a good touch. And the plot angle of a homely woman being used by a ruthless con-man lends a poignant touch intensified in the final scene. But, Pete, when are you going to learn that staying with Edie when she wants you is a lot more fun than going out and getting banged up. But then, we wouldn't have this classic series. So, Edie, just be patient.


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The Edge Of The Knife